Astronomer and Royal Scribe, reign of Tuthmosis IV, 1425-1417 BC.
    Nakht was a priest of Amun, with special duties as an astronomer and Royal Scribe. His beautiful and well-preserved tomb, situated in the district of Sheikh Abd el Qurna at Thebes, is justifiably famous on account of the quality of its wall-scenes. These include a series of agricultural themes, arranged in four registers, which show the peasants engaged in ploughing, sowing, harvesting and flax-cutting, in the presence of Nakht. He also appears in pursuit of fish and game in the marshes, and is shown accompanying his wife in the garden of their home and in a series of banqueting scenes in which they and their guests are entertained by dancers and musicians, including a blind harpist.
    The name of the god, Amun, which occurs on the tomb walls was later hacked out during the reign of *Akhenaten, when the cult of the Aten (Amun's rival) became predominant.
BIBL. Davies, N. de G. The Tomb of Nakht at Thebes. New York: 1917.
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David
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(fl. 1395 BC)
   Owner of tomb in the necropolis of Thebes, probably dating to the reign of Thutmose IV. He held the title of astronomer. The tomb is decorated with scenes of a blind harper and agricultural activities.
Historical Dictionary Of Ancient Egypt by Morris L. Bierbrier

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